Apr 1, 2010

The City of Love, The Heaven of Food... Paris

Smoked Salmon Pancake with Cream Cheese

Salmon with Pumpkin Mash

Macarons from Cafe Angelina

Freshly Fluffy Macarons from world famous Laduree

Complimentary must have starters of every french meal

Foie Gras with Poached Eggs.

My all time favourite french dessert, Mille Feuille from Cafe Angelina, Multi Layered Puff Pastry with Vanilla Custard Cream.

Our daily must have, African Hot Chocolate from Cafe Angelina, steaming hot jug of what seems like melted velvety smooth dark chocolate with a dollop of fresh cream =) ahhh.. life's good!

Creamy Lobster Risotto @ Le Cinq

Starters : Smoked Salmon with Toast, Poached Eggs
and creamy Hollaindaise Sauce on Spinach.

Sep 8, 2009

Dain-ti Hill, Pavilion

My all time favourite pumpkin salad! Perfect combination of ingredients, reminds me of mashed potatoes, but this is cold and has nicer texture! Highly recommended starter dish! ;)

Emperor's Roll. It may seem like really special at first, since its a giant sushi, chinese style, but personally, taste wise, i dont think its that great, but presentation wise, it's good! My friend actually commented that it tasted wrong cuz its hot, so if ure a small eater who's used to eating cold sushi and you think you're gonna associate this with sushi, don't order! It's pretty expensive but to be fair, the portion is quite big. i forgot the name of this dish but its pretty good, not very special but it aint too bad, although u can most likely get this elsewhere at a cheaper price

very pretty ambience especially at night =)

Jan 1, 2009

Pantai Seafood Restaurant, Kampung Sungai Ayu Kara

This is one of my dad's favourite eat out spot in PJ on Sundays when we want yummy and affordable food :) after the 100th time going there, I'm finally doing a blog post on it! And this post will be on most of our must-order list whenever we're there, unfortunately, recently my dad's on a strict diet so we couldn't order their famous deep fried pork trotters which is one of their popular dishes we used to order really often. It's nicely deep fried till its attractively golden brown and then served with some sweet sauce. The "ying yong kai lan" dish below is usually our favourite dish from the restaurant! deep fried shredded seaweed-taste-a-like kai lan with tasty anchovies on top of crunchy kai lan! simply addictive! =)

Eating Out in London (Part Two)

Bar Caffe Ciao, Leicester Square

Strategically located in leicester square where chinatown is, this is one of our favourite dessert spot to hit. The atmosphere of this place is pretty decent, and they serve really pretty ice creams!

So what's so special about this place?

As you can see from the menu, this place serves lasagne, spaghetti and fried egg ice cream! I dont know about you, but this is definitely my first time hearing bout it. call me jakun or wtv u want but it's Interesting, isnt it? :) I haven't tried them But apparently, they're not that yummy. The not so special but still extremely pretty ice creams below taste better, so here are pics of the once I've tried:

and yes, they're the perfect pick me up comfort food, feast to the eye, tastebuds and also the soul :)

The mixture of taste from the sweet ice cream and fresh kiwis, a lil sour-ish, makes the ice cream experience more exciting!

The mountainful of fresh fruits is really yummy makes this dessert a perfect ending to an indulgent heavy meal, it's gonna aid in digestion as well! what better way can u kill two birds with a stone? ;)

For those who're not so fond of fruits, preferring the sinful all time fav dessert= the chocolate, u can choose this:

Other than desserts, they also serve hot food like sphaghettis etc.

Bar Caffe Ciao

17 Charing X Road,


Tel: +44872 148 4386

Eating Out in London(Part One)

Happy New Year!!!

I know this blog has been pretty dead for quite some time, ever since voon flew to HK and I went to London for uni. But anyways, I just suddenly felt like updating it, and I wanna share with y'all all the yummy food in London, that's caused me massive weight gain! >:( but major satisfaction to muh tastebuds :)

warning: I dont quite remember the names and prices of the food but I remember the location perfectly well, so ask me if u want more details ;)

WAGAMAMA, Westfield Shopping Centre

Wagamama has always been known for their affordable japanese food, especially their ramen. They also serve udon and rice dishes. But none of their udon dishes are soup based.

Duck Gyoza with Hoi Sin sauce

I've had so many gyozas in my life but this is the first time coming across duck gyoza, I was abit sceptical at first, but it's better than I expected, really tasty :) and the sauce goes pretty well with the gyozas.

Grilled Sobas
interesting, and it's not too bad. You can actually still see the grilled mark on some part of the udons

I forgot what this dish is called but although it may look abit weird to certain people, but I tell you, it has surpassed our expectations and it was the best dish we ordered that day! Personally, I've always loved having soup with rice, and although the rice is drenched in soup, its not soggy and the soup is real tasty!

Food here ranges from about 5pounds to 11 pounds per main dish. Mostly around 7pounds but portion is really big so it's pretty worth it :) nearest tube to this place is shepherd's bush station.
and they have a website you can check out:


Churchill Arms, Kensington

Churchill Arms is a pub owned by an avid nature lover, the whole place is heavily decorated with everything butterfly and plants even their toilet smells really nice and looks like a garden! Dimly lit with great ambience for chilling out, a break from the madness and hustle bustle of London town.

This pub serves amazing thai food, especially the spicy fried noodles! It's extremely spicy, definitely not for the pussy-tongued! But that gives the extra kick ;) some may find it a tad too salty but i guess they deliberately added more salt, so that the chilli-numbed tongue can still taste the fried noodles. But i must say, this is a definite MUST-TRY! ;)

This dish had Chan covered in sweat! Sweat droplets were literally streaming down his face it was so terribly fun watching him eat! hahah

here's some extra details about the pub location, operating hours etc.
Churchill Arms

Churchill Arms,
119 Kensington Church Street,
W8 7LN

Tel: 0871 917 0007

Aug 6, 2008

California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC

Hey guys sorry for the extreme lack of update, been so busy with my pre-departure stuff! And then busy settling down in London, I wont be updating my food blog here often since everything here is so expensive, wont be able to try out much food other than subway and McD's here! :(

So this post is on CPK, which i went super long ago, therefore i dont quite rmmbr the names of the dishes and the price and also the exact taste of each dish in detail, but i rmmbr it was definitely very filling and really yummy! It's not just another pizza chain, as they serve quality american pizza. Abit pricey but worth the price :)

Jul 28, 2008

Banquet, Bangsar Village II

After spending an entire afternoon doing extreme researching around flogs for where to go for dinner around bangsar area, Banquet caught my attention. The reason?

Scanning the menu, i noticed that they have quite a wide range of food from western to asian, and the food here ain't cheap. But it's ok... its a family dinner so my dad pays the bill, not me :P

For starters we ordered some garlic bread with melted mozarella, and French Onion Soup, but i couldn't grab any pics on time cuz my parents were starving and didn't bother my plea :( well, at least i tried!

Garlic bread was okay... but not as good as the one i had in Monte's which was sooo goddamn tasty. And I have to say I'm extremely disappointed with the french onion soup. The best is still at TGIF :) the one here was too salty and there was just a miserable piece of crunchy bread soaking and floating on top of the soup.

Spaghetti Vongole, RM 25.

Salmon Fillet, RM 33.

It ws just okay la.... nothing special. Nothing much to shout about. Just satisfactory. This was my dish and i have no comments on other dish cuz i was already damn full and i didnt try both the spaghettis but my mum said it was good.

Oven Baked Butterfish Served with Honey Mustard Sauce, RM 25.

My dad had this dish, he said it was yummy :) real tasty!

Seafood Spaghetti, RM 28.

My mum added tobasco sauce to her seafood spaghetti.. According to her, it enhances the taste, i nvr knew that. Maybe you guys try one day and give me some feedback! :)

some banana cake which i forgot the name( i think it was banana truffle if im not mistaken) was recommended by the waiter so i chose this. I'd say it's really yummy :) had my aunt licking the plate and fork clean! Fork lickin' good baby!

1f-28,First Floor
Bangsar Village II,
Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur,
03 – 2282 3228